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Pizza Kit Collection

Pizza Kit Collection

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Pizza Kit Collection: \n \nIncludes: \n \nTurns a pizza party into a GREAT pizza party – kids love it! Have fun making your own pizzas in just minutes. \n \nPizza Kits Collection hold so many possibilities! The Pizza Kit Collection includes the pizza dough mix, pizza sauce mix, for each of our three Pizza Kits, you just add your favorite toppings. Each kit serves 4 people from one 14-inch pizza. \n \nMakes one 14 inch round pizza. Serves four. \n \nEach kit can be tailored for anyone you are cooking for. Just add your favorite toppings! Great ideas for recipes on the package itself! \n \nPizza Kit Collection can also be given as a gift! Plenty of great ideas for anyone in your family! \n \n  \n \nSee our Facebook page for updates on ideas and new products! \n \nPlentiful Pantry has always put top priority on all our food we make. We have a line of great soups, baking goods, pasta and sauces. Follow us on all our social media for updates on new products, behind the scenes or promotions! We value your opinion! Please leave a review to let us know how you enjoyed our foods!


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