Pumpkin Cobbler

Pumpkin Cobbler is a Crowd Pleaser!

Sarah Johnson is a mother of four and business owner. “I love to cook, but time is not always on my side.” Family is a big priority at their house, including spending time each week with their extended family. Sunday night is family time. Everyone comes and brings food to share. It is a special time where kids can connect to their grandparents, and they love to play with cousins! On one particular occasion Sarah opted to bring Plentiful Pantry’s Pumpkin Cobbler for dessert. Here is what she shared about the product.

momally“I am a big cookie maker. I have a special family chocolate chip cookie recipe that I use all the time. For this one night I was in the mood to try something new, so I pulled out our Plentiful Pantry Pumpkin Cobbler dessert.  It was so easy to make. Literally, it was a three step process. I mixed some pumpkin puree into the cobbler base and put it in a dish. I then added the topping, and sprinkled it with water and butter. It maybe took me 5 minutes to assemble. It was way faster than making dessert from scratch. Bake time was just over an hour, so I’m glad I prepared enough time. It was delicious!! It had all the warm flavors of autumn, with out the wet texture of pumpkin pie. It was super tasty! For sure, it was a crowd pleaser. We topped it with fresh whipped cream and served it up to over ten people.”




Enjoy a warm and rich dessert anytime of year!

Plentiful Pantry Pumpkin CobblerPumpkin Cobbler

All the flavor of pumpkin pie with none of the work. Just add water, butter, and a can of pumpkin. You’ll fall in love with this dessert, just like thousands of other customers have! Takes 5 minutes to prepare! Fills an 8″ x 8″ pan. Serves 9.